Sydney Connection

Sydney Connection is all about what is occurring in one of the greatest places in the world. How to travel about, what to do and see, what time of year is the best to visit.

Where to wine and dine and the best shopping to be found in Sydney. Which beaches are the best for surfing and which beaches are best for chilling.

We will preview upcoming events, and inform on the best things to see and when. Some of the more cultural happenings to not miss out on, and the best museums and galleries to view.

Sydney has so much to offer, it is a thriving metropolis and home to a varied population with different cultures and customs. The city breathes life, is exciting, sometime brash but always entertaining.



Sydney has progressed into one of the world’s top destinations for gastronomers, it is home to some of the finest dining establishments and world renown chefs. But it also has a wonderful smorgasbord of choice, both in price and cuisine.

Top restaurants such as Huberts, Long Chim, Yellow and Anason sit alongside roadside bistros and cafes. The choice is quite flabbergasting and often the portions are large and satisfying.



The Aussie Pub, is just as famous as famous as its British counterpart. The Pub is the centre of the community and at the core of society.

The “local” has come a long way in Sydney, no longer does the corner imbibing emporium simply serve the Amber Nectar. Backstreet pubs are now offering a wide range of ales and craft beers. The Union Hotel for instance has 22 taps and offers over 300 different brews.

Down in the CBD and around by the harbour, expect more upmarket establishments mixing cocktails and serving quality Australian wines. If you are a sports fan then you too will not be disappointed, Sydney is full of sports pubs where you can enjoy a pint whilst watching a game.


Events and Festivals

Sydney is home to some striking events, venues, festivals and concerts. All the biggest bands, artists and musicians regularly play in the city.

Obviously the iconic Sydney Opera House is the venue for some of the world’s best classical musicians and dancers. Top virtuosos, conductors and soloists headline all star lineups of popular operas, ballets, concerts and symphonies.

Sydney Connection is the best place to keep tabs on everything that is Sydney. Our blog pages are crammed full of ideas and advice of all things connected with the city. If you are thinking of visiting this extraordinary place in the near future then keep logged in to Sydney Connection.