The Best Cafes in Sydney

Best Cafes in Sydney

Here at Sydney Connection all our focus is based on Sydney and nothing else. We concentrate on bringing our readers up-to-date information on travel, where to eat, the best upcoming attractions, gigs, where to shop, and where to sample the best cup of coffee.

In this blog we focus upon the best cafes in Sydney that serve the perfect cup of Java alongside some interesting bites to eat. We are not talking about greasy spoons here, we are talking about freshly ground coffee and bistro quality dishes to eat.

In the last decade or so Sydney has really upped its cafe game. Ten years ago the cuisine in Sydney’s cafes was quite limited, think bacon and eggs. Now top chefs have designed cafe menus, and the design and decor of the establishments has been elevated to a completely different level.

The Best Mug of Coffee

If you are serious about coffee then the following establishments are currently serving up some of the best dark stuff in the city.

  • Cafe Cartel – a hole-in-the-wall establishment that specialises in espresso-yuzu tonics together with frappes and burrito bowls.
  • Ona Coffee – this cafe is all about the coffee and not the food. It serves premium-reserve coffees as well as black and filtered.
  • Mecca Coffee – a flagship coffee house and is renowned as one of Sydney’s top roasters.
  • Paramount Coffee Project – a large and modern cafe also famous for espresso tonics and great filter coffee.

Great Cafes

If you want a little more from a cafe than just top coffee, then the following establishments are well worth checking out.

  • Brewtown – downstairs is the main dining area whilst there is a little bakery on the first floor serving freshly baked brownies, cinnamon rolls and cheesecakes.
  • Bread and Circus – offers healthy and vegetarian orientated fayre. The menu changes daily depending on what produce is available.
  • Boon Cafe – a highly unusual menu, where a freshly made Thai salad can be ordered with a cup of espresso.
  • The Grounds of the City – a very well appointed establishment that is much a restaurant as a cafe. Dishes include chirashi salad and snapper ceviche.

The Best Cafes for Brunch

Sydney’s cafes are now serving up some of the best brunches in town, no longer do patrons have to queue up at crowded pubs and restaurants for a late morning meal. Some of the best brunches can be found at the following places.

  • The Grounds – A great place to go in Alexandria for Sunday brunch. The cafe has a dedicated brunch menu and if you pop along then be sure to order their signature avocado dish.
  • Wild Pear – Dural’s White Pear cafe is a pure delight, try the rosewater milkshakes for something highly unusual. One of their most popular dishes is the shakshuka eggs.
  • Harry’s – why not pop down to Bondi Beach for lunch and venture into Harry’s. Sample the hot ricotta cakes with organic maple syrup and blueberries with a touch of cream.

Visiting Sydney it would be a shame not to sample these great cafes, don’t follow the herd into one of the regular franchises and be more discerning in your choice.