The Delights of Sydney’s Chinatown

Delights of Sydney's Chinatown

All the top cities in the world have a Chinatown and Sydney is no different. Tucked in between the bustling areas of Central Station and the Town Hall can be found in this thriving ethnic area.

Chinatown and the Haymarket are sometimes grouped together because of their proximity and their multicultural makeup. These highly eclectic areas boast some of the best restaurants, top shopping, and international festivals that Sydney has to offer.

In this blog, Sydney Connection explores Chinatown and the best places to eat, shop and generally have a good time. It is easy to know when you have arrived at Chinatown due to the impressive arches (paifangs) that mark the entrances.

Pinto Sydney

Campbell Street

A great way to start your day in Chinatown is by visiting a patisserie and by getting something sweet to have with your morning coffee. Why not pop into Pinto where alongside sweet treats they also serve Japanese breakfast.

A heartwarming portion of grilled salmon, miso soup and some steamed rice with the addition of a soft-boiled egg will fill you up until lunch.

Boon Cafe

Pitt Street

Another breakfast choice is Boon Cafe, where they serve the Big Boon Breakfast which is chicken congee, skewered pork, baked eggs, organic bacon, avocado, mushroom, and sourdough.

Boon Cafe can be found inside the Jaren Chai Asian Grocery store and usually serves up Thai influenced dishes. They also serve lunch and dinner and this is when the heat is turned up and they serve the spicy dishes of Thai Issan food.

Chinese Noodle House

Quay Street

If you are yearning for a noodle fix or perhaps a Chinese dumpling then head for the Chinese Noodle House where you can get them both and handmade as well. This place is so popular there are always queues, which of course is always a great sign. If you are looking for something a little different try the lamb and onion dumplings, they are simply delectable.

Thai Kee IGA Supermarket

If you fancy cooking an authentic Asian meal at home for your family and friends then you need to buy the authentic ingredients and Thai Kee IGA Supermarket is definitely the place to go.

This great shop is the largest supermarket in Chinatown, and has a wide selection of Asian products. There are products imported from Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Japan, and Korea.

As well as the actual ingredients you can also find the essential utensils to cook and serve your Asian dishes, such as bento boxes, bamboo steamers, tableware, and even teapots.

Chinatown comes alive at festival time and this area of Sydney is a great place to visit during Chinese New Year, other other celebrations. At night Chinatown and the Haymarket are really buzzing with great bars to have fun, or perhaps even visit a late-night karaoke to finish your evening off in style.