The Finest Cheese Venues in Sydney

The association of cheese and wine has long been established, and here at Sydney Connections we have intimate knowledge of some of the best wineries and places to sample the best cheeses in the area.

Hunter Valley wine tours have been long established, but forward thinking companies such as Travel Safe Bus Hire are now offering wine tour packages that include marvelous local produce as well as winery visits.

The Hunter Valley abounds with both excellent wine and locally produced gourmet cheeses that combined make an excellent wine and cheese tour for any gourmet.

The Hunter Valley Cheese Factory

The Hunter Valley Cheese Factory was founded in 1995, and has been producing an array of fine cheeses every since. Their cheeses have no preservatives only containing fresh vegetable rennet.

Located right next to McGuigan Wines it is a perfect place to stop on your wine tour for either lunch or tastings.

Binnorie Dairy

Located right in Lovedale in the heart of the Hunter Valley, the Binnorie Dairy produces some of the most memorable cheeses in the area. The dairy say that their cheese is so delicious because of the locally sourced milk used.

In the same way that wine reflects its regionality, due to soil variation and climatic conditions, so it is with dairy produce.

Binnorie Dairy has a fine reputation for soft cheeses that are based on popular recipes from around the world. And the cheeses that are made at Binnorie have won many awards including flagship products including marinated feta, labna and brie.

Two Fat Blokes Euro-Deli Cafe

An unbelievable choice of over 100 cheeses are available at any time in this marvelous deli. This Tuscan themed cafe / delicatessen is the perfect inclusion in any good wine tour.

The cheese and wine matching experience takes one hour and their excellent and knowledgeable staff will take you through all the best combinations. If you fancy taking some of the best produce to take home with you then pop into the well stocked deli and you will be amazed at the selection open to you.

Hunter Valley Smelly Cheese Shop

Another cheese institution of the Hunter Valley is the Hunter Valley Smelly Cheese Shop. The shop provides the finest local and imported cheeses for your delight.

If you fancy a sit down and a glass of wine to go with your cheese selection then there is plenty of room to lounge about. The Smelly Cheese Shop is also home to the Hunter Valley Gelato Company which features traditional Italian-style Gelato made with imported Italian ingredients following two hundred year old recipes.

These great cheese producers and delis are ideal places to make your wine tour of the Hunter Valley complete. The match of wine and cheese is a marriage made in foodie heaven and it is all available for you in the Hunter Valley.