Sydney Fast Food

Sydney is renowned throughout the world as being one of the culinary delights, not just of Australia but on the planet. Some of the best Michelin-star chefs have hailed from Sydney and as a relatively newcomer to the world culinary stage Sydney has definitely made its mark.

Here at Sydney Connections we love to focus on food, but this blog is not concerned with fine-dining restaurants, we are after the best fast food in Sydney.


If you are searching for authentic Japanese food in Sydney that will not break the bank then head straight to Oiden where they serve up delicious donburi, which is a rice bowl dish.

Oiden’s concept is to be affordable, fast, tasty, filling and fun, and it opened in 2011 in Sydney’s CBD. One of the favourite dishes is Yakitori-don with tasty grilled chicken, along with the grilled beef rice bowl.

Down n’ Out

Down n’ Out is an American burger restaurant that is located in Sydney CBD, Wollongong and Top Ryde.

But is no regular fast food burger palace, on the menu is the finest Wagyu beef that combined with freshest salad ingredients and signature buns makes the ultimate beef burger.

The choice of Double, Single, Vego and Chick’n are gut busting in their entirety. The Double includes two Wagyu beef patties, double American cheese, lettuce, jumbo pickles, tomato, onion, secret sauce and signature bun.

Add to this an array of burger add-ons then the advice is to make sure you are really hungry before attempting to eat one.

Belles Hot Chicken

Belles Hot Chicken serves hot chicken with southern American type fries. The heat of the spice can be simply southern or tear jerking really fxxxxg hot!

The founder of Belles was Morgan McGlone after learning the art of spicy cooking in Nashville, which is why the chicken tastes so authentic. When you bite into the chicken it has an intense signature crunch before the succulent meat releases its juices.

Sake Jr

A Japanese styled fast food restaurant that creates food that is simple, quick, delicious and above all nourishing. Their motto is to source responsibly, act respectfully, cook beautifully and live well.

The kitchen is open plan and the chef uses only the finest quality ingredients that are sourced locally and in season. They only use farmers and producers that they know and have been vetted.

The bowls of delicious food can be built up from ingredients selected by yourself or you can simply choose a signature bowl such as, buzen beef, tokyo tofu, okinawa pork, koyoto chicken, sushi bowl or toyama bay.

It is fair to say that the fast food of Sydney is a far cry from McDonalds or KFC, yes technically the cuisine is fast food, but that is because it is served quickly and has nothing to do with mass produced patties or pieces of chicken.

So the next time you are in Sydney, treat yourself to a real treat and that is some delicious fast food.