Day Trips From Sydney – Pilliga

Sydney is one of the most happening cities in Australia, but many residents and long term tourists seek to explore more of the great state of New South Wales. And being based in Sydney is the perfect location for discovering everything NSW has to offer.

One perfect location for a short excursion or weekend holiday from Sydney is the Pilliga area which is roughly 580km away. You can get to Pilliga by coach and Travel Safe Bus Hire is an ideal partner for group transportation in New South Wales as their experienced drivers and luxury vehicles will make your trip a most enjoyable experience.

Pilliga Forest

The Pilliga Forest is a vast 3,000 square kilometre area of semi-arid woodlands and is home to Pilliga Yowie a Big Foot kiln. Devotees are drawn from all four corners of the world in search of the mystical creature.

The forest has long been recognised as one of the most important areas for biodiversity in eastern Australia. The area is home to at least 300 native animal species and nearly 1,000 plants, including ironbark, cypress pine, broom plains, eucalypt and many spring wildflowers.

The natural scenery in the forest is quite unique and makes tours to the area quite an adventure. The forest roads are littered with remnants of the past history of the area, abandoned timber mills, discarded chimney stacks and cobblestone lanes.

During spring and summer the forest comes alive with the blooming of native flora which is ideal for fans of plants and flowers.

Pilliga Town

The Cobb and Co company founded much of Pilliga as the town was on its route, and it owes much of its past to the timber industry. The Artesian Bore Baths is probably the town’s most famous attraction today.

With strong ties to the 1930’s when it was first developed by early settlers, Pilliga displays many links to its past. Then in the 1950’s an Indian trader named Nabob Allem peddled his wares in a horse drawn wagon to the farmers and settlers of the region.

Nabob was unofficially declared the “Mayor of Pilliga” and nicknamed the “King of the Scrub” so was his impression on the community.

Pilliga Bore Baths

Built back in 1902 to supply Pilliga with water after several years of drought, the bore has been transformed as a popular swimming attraction. The mineral rich water has many therapeutic qualities that has long been recognised by pilgrims and locals alike who enjoy the 37 degree pool to soak away aching limbs and muscles.

The pool area has been fully renovated and now has a roof and electric lighting enabling nighttime bathing and also offers an amenities block, camping and BBQ facilities.

Bird Watching

Pilliga is part of the Narrabi shire which is abundant in birdlife especially Yarra Lake, Pilliga Forest, Pilliga Lagoons and Mt Kaputar National Park.

The Pilliga area is ideal for a trip back to nature, and has something to offer the whole family for a great day out or perhaps a short weekend break. So leave the big city behind for a couple of days and explore a little more of NSW.