Restaurants In Sydney

Sydney has an established restaurant culture and many top international chefs have made their home in the most happening city. Once with a less than celebratory reputation for food, it is safe to say that modern day Australia and Sydney in particular have some of the best dining experiences in the world.

Its influences are global, but obviously the bread basket from which to choose from is large and diverse. Many ethnic and eastern influences can be found along with fantastic home grown product, and top quality raw ingredients.

In this blog we concentrate on some of the best eateries in Sydney, not concentrating in particular on the more expensive and exclusive restaurants.

Chaco Bar

If you like flame grilled and skewered meats then Chaco Bar is definitely right up your street. This sort of Japanese fare features all manner of delights from Liver, Gristle and Gizzards.

All skewers are cooked over white hot coals served over lashings of finely chopped cabbage, and ingredients such as Enoki mushrooms, cumin spiced lamb and tasty chicken thighs are delights.

The Apollo

A Greek restaurant that does not skimp on portions, expect family friendly dining with the idea of sharing large plates of food. The easiest option is to opt for the “Full Greek” which takes choosing from the menu redundant and delivers sensible portion sizes.

If you are selecting from the menu then you must try the sticky roast lamb ribs, which come in a large bowl and are ideal with a side of roast potatoes. Don’t go to the Apollo expecting a quiet reserved meal for two, the atmosphere is cheerful and a little noisy, perhaps down to the ouzo, and Craft Athens beers.

The Paddington

The Paddington is your first stop in Sydney if you like chicken. These bantams are not your KFC variety they are Bannockburn free-range chickens that are first brined before they are placed on the rotisserie.

The Paddington provides simple fare, but this does not for one second mean that it is not top quality. There are even designated seating for one, but really most patrons come to the Paddington for its pub atmosphere.
What could be more sublime, a whole roast chicken, gravy fries and bowl of crispy salad smothered in onions and chives washed down with a refreshing pint of craft ale.

Bodega Tapas Restaurant & Bar

Who does not like Tapas? Bodega offers Tapas but with a slightly different take, for one the portions are large and their drinks menu is extensive. The restaurant is well designed almost like an American Diner, and at its centre is an open kitchen so the performance of the chefs plying their craft is fully visible.

The deli meats are a great way to start as the cold cuts on offer are simply superb. The steak tartare is a regular favourite of patrons. Unusual dishes as octopus and pig’s ear salad are exciting and quite daring but delivering exquisite taste.

These four restaurants a quite different both in style and price, and they are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dining in Sydney. Sydney Connection is the website to keep you abreast of everything about Sydney. Keep your finger on the pulse of Australia’s most iconic city, read our regularly updated blogs or contact us if you wish to know something.