The Best Bars and Pubs In Sydney

Sydney has a really lively bar and pub scene and there are so many venues to choose from either playing live music, serving excellent food, or dispensing craft beers.

Some of the watering holes are situated on rooftops, others in underground chambers, some with fantastic sea views and others in gardens. In this blog we delve into the various drinking options available in happening Sydney.

Waterfront Bars

Head down to Coogee and you will find the new Coogee Pavilion at the old Palace Hotel. This colossal venue, as well as housing a great pub it also has a restaurant, oyster bar, a cafe and even a pizza parlour.

Right down on the golden sands of Bondi, is the Bucket List Bar and Eatery. If you wish to spend a lazy afternoon then plonk yourself in one of the outdoor deckchairs and order an ice cold beer. The interior is urban stylish with wooden tables and even tree trunks as stools.

If you are a beer lover then Bavarian Bier Cafe on Manly Wharf is the very destination for you. You can even sample a giant pretzel whilst swigging down your stein of imported German beer.

Underground Bars

Trying to actually get into The Baxter Inn is probably the biggest problem in this popular subterranean drinking den. The Baxter Inn specialises in whisky and has one of the finest selections in the city.

The Singing Cat will take you back to America’s deep south. The New Orleans themed bar is a true cocktail den that is really popular with the CBD’s office crowd. The bar even sells good old Louisiana beer as well as some European brews.

You could be back in 1920’s America during prohibition visiting Palmer & Co, this late night underground haunt is the perfect place to sip a rare whiskies whilst staring at the old mugshots

The Best Cocktail Bars & co

They are serving up some of the best cocktails in Sydney down at Earl’s Juke Joint, nothing quite creates a party atmosphere than a well mixed cocktail, shaken and not stirred. Earl’s Juke Joint features a glorious long wooden bar that patrons are encouraged to pull up a stool to and watch the alcoholic alchemy take place.
If you want performance art in the making of your cocktails then there is only one place to go in Sydney. Eau de Vie has some of the most flamboyant cocktail waiters in the city, setting fire to a chopping board and blowtorching the serving ware is commonplace in Eau de Vie, where theatre meets are really stiff drink, all in the Kirketon Hotel in Darlinghurst.

If you want to find out more about the best watering holes and cocktail bars in Sydney, keep reading our blogs. Sydney Connections is the best place to keep your finger on the pace of what is happening in and around this great city.