Great Cocktail Bars in Sydney

Sydney is one of the best cities in Australia to go out and enjoy yourself. It is also easy to spend a lot of money in Sydney eating out and drinking, so if you are going to push the boat out and enjoy a cocktail or two you want to make sure you are getting the best in the city.

Here at Sydney Connection we know the best cocktail bars and watering holes in the city and have put together a list of the best places to go.


There is something special about rooftop bars in great cities, sipping your beverage and staring out over the twinkling city lights below is a real experience.

PS40 offers a sort of weird science to put their cocktails together. Expect out of the ordinary beverages served in inventive ways is the name of the game at this modern establishment.

The professional bar team seem to enjoy outdoing each other in the mad craft of cocktail experimentation and the end result are stunning drinks and probably the best cocktails in Sydney.

Old Mate’s Place

People love bars that are like speakeasies, joints that are hidden away and it feels that you should not even be allowed in the place. There is something great about doing something that you are not allowed to do, and Old Mate’s Place is somewhere full of atmosphere.

The cocktail bar has a Gothic theme to it, and some of Sydney’s best cocktail makers and shakers are in attendance to pour some exciting liquor. This split-level bar is situated in the fashionable Clarence Quarter and has a loyal patronage that enjoys the ambiance of this great hang out. The sun may be shining brightly outside but inside there is always candlelight and atmospheric.

Bulletin Place

Bulletin Place is a bijou little bar that is situated above a cafe near Circular Quay. The cocktail menu is designed around the seasons and the fruits that are available at a particular time.

In a way, it is sort of refreshing having a constant supply of new cocktails to try. But just as you are getting used to Raspberry Calling, then it is off the menu for some new experimental drink.

The Baxter Inn

If classic cocktails are what you really are into then you will not be disappointed by The Baxter Inn. They have mastered the classics to perfection but can also make up something on scratch if you let them know what tickles your fancy.

The wall behind the bar is stacked with whisky, and the bartenders even have to use scrolling library ladders to reach some of the most exotic bottles. This place is really popular and can be found in the Clarence Street area. The tatty front door is not really an auspicious entrance, but once inside it is like Narnia.

These cocktail and whisky bars are some of the very best that Sydney has to offer, they are as diverse as they are interesting and certainly, the drinks they offer are something extraordinary.