Great Street Food in Sydney

Here at Sydney Connection we pride ourselves at providing information that has everything to do with this great Australian city. Everybody knows the iconic harbour and its wonderful building but not everybody knows how to get around, the best places to eat, and where to party at night.

Sydney is famous as a gastronomic centre, and some of the finest international cuisine can be found in its fine restaurants and bijou cafes. In this blog we turn our attention to some of the great street food that can be found that is influenced by many different cultures and cuisines.

Gumshara Ramen

If you are a fan of Japanese food then Gumshara Ramen is an inexpensive Ramen house hidden away in Chinatown. The hearty tonkotsu ramen is one of the house specialties. It is a hearty broth which is really thick, this is achieved by stewing 30 kilos of pork bones for hour after hour until all the collagen and marrow comes out from the bones and thickens the soup.

Just one sip of this unctuous broth fills your stomach with a hearty pork taste that is full of goodness.

Zeus Street Greek

Out near Drummoyne you can find the excellent Zeus Street Greek on Lyons Road. The place is also licensed so you can have an ice cold beer with your meal. There is a very contemporary vibe going on at this casual diner and the menu is simple Greek food but utterly delicious.

If you like gyros then Zeus serves some of the best in Sydney at a fraction of the cost of the fine dining Greek restaurants in the CBD. All the food is authentic, and the cooks slow cook their meat for over twelve hours over a charcoal grill. The ranges of meat include pork, lamb, and chicken.

Spice Alley

If you fancy some Asian street food then just head on down to Chippendale and visit Spice Alley in Kensington Street. In a small back alley, you can find this great takeaway eatery, with plenty of tables, illuminated by hanging lanterns that all add a sense of the Orient, there is even a tuk-tuk that adds to the atmosphere.

The cuisine that Spice Alley serves up is a mix of Thai, Malaysian, Singapore and Hong Kong. And the vendors range from Old Jim Kee, The Hong Kong Diner, and Bang Luck. Spice Alley is open from 11am to 10pm and is an affordable option for some great Asian food. It is a highly atmospheric place with wonderful aromas permeating the whole alley.

Sydney Pork Rolls

Quality is assured at this legendary Sydney pork vendor, and on arrival, you are bound to be faced with a large queue. To liken this great sandwich shop to a Subway would not be correct, as there is a world of difference between the succulent pork and meatballs served up at Sydney Pork Rolls.

Eating one of these rolls is quite an experience, firstly it resembles more of a brick of food than a sandwich. And for $3.95 it is an absolute bargain and could feed a wartime family.

These are just some of the great street-food options open to any visitor to Sydney, there are many more great options for your lunch or evening meal.